1. Login to your MovableType service and navigate to the blog that you'd like to transfer to Blogger.
  2. Click on the Tools menu and then click on Export.
  3. Click on the Export Blog button which will download a text file which you should save to your local machine.
  4. Browse to that saved document with the form below and click Convert.

  5. Save this file to your local machine. This file will be the contents of your posts/comments from MovableType in a Blogger export file.
  6. Login to your Blogger or create a new user.
  7. Once logged in, click on the Create a Blog link from the user dashboard, and then click on the Import Blog Tool
  8. Follow the instructions and upload your Blogger export file when prompted.
  9. After completing the import wizard, you should have a set of imported posts from MovableType that you can now publish to Blogger. Have fun!
NOTE: This hosted application will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB.

For information on how to run this conversion on your own, visit the open source project hosted at

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